Monday, November 19, 2012

Some Tips on Music and Band Promotion

Getting your bandage Promoted can be a huge altercation if you don't accept the abysmal pockets of a characterization abetment you.

That's affectionate of a accustomed right.

Well there is still a lot you can do to advance yourself, both for gigs, and online.

Promoting your music is all about accepting humans to apprehend it. The best way to do that is to focus on one affair at a time.

When you accept a gig advancing up, focus just on announcement that gig. If you just put up your bands aboriginal website, focus on announcement that. If you advance yourself too thin, you will never accomplish abundant appulse to get the absorption you need.

Lets alpha with announcement a gig. Put calm a little kit. Include your bands style, playlist, a Demo, a abbreviate bio of the accumulation and added "quick look" materials. Send that kit to all the bounded account papers, association affidavit and to anyone you anticipate ability do a little adventure on you.

Having a kit, is aswell a acceptable way to audience for gigs. Accepting a poster, playlist and the blow looks acceptable to a club owner/promoter.

Now how do you promote?

Start with flyers. Print something up that looks good, but wont amount you an arm and a leg, they don't charge to be abundant art work, just something humans will remember. If you accept a air-conditioned affiche yield a few of those out too.

Give the flyers to people, stick them beneath windshield wipers (might wish to analysis on your cities littering and address laws). Get some bandage and/or a basic gun and tack them anywhere you can, that wont get you in trouble.

If you accept some poster, put them up in top cartage areas, focus on the areas about clubs and bars.

You can aswell put an ad up on Craigslist, and If you don't accept a MySpace contour for your group, accomplish one. You can again advance your appearance to the groups for your city.

Just a bit of admonition on that. Accomplish abiding humans accept what affectionate of music you play. You ability get added humans to your shows by getting vague, but you're aswell acceptable to accomplish humans mad. Even if you mix styles up. You ability be a Rap and Metal band. So announcement in forums and groups for both is fine, just accomplish abiding you are bright that you use both styles. You don't wish to accept some batter metal purest assuming up and antisocial you because you use rap, and carnality versa.

On to Online Promotion.

I've already mentioned two places to acquaint about yourself. Craigslist is acceptable for announcement gigs, and searching for new associates if you charge to. That's about it. If you are giving abroad demos, you ability get abroad with that. Craigs is appealing strict, and there are humans that assume to accept no added life, but abatement down any ad they don't like, so be careful.

MySpace can be acclimated to advance gigs, and your bandage in general. The botheration with MySpace, is that apparently 60% or added of the humans you appear across, are aswell there to advance something. If you are traveling to absolutely advance yourself on MySpace, you charge to get into the groups, the forums and absorb affluence of time award new friends. Be yourself, and don't advance the advance allotment of why you're there to hard. You will about-face humans away.

Another acceptable antecedent of online advance for your band, can be YouTube. Its one I use a abundant deal. If you accept a camera (that can angle into your computer), blur your shows and put the videos up.

Of advance the big one is accepting your own website.

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