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Music and Hypnosis

What does "hypnosis" in fact mean? From a able point of appearance I would go forth with the analogue offered to us if we were in training. Analgesic is a calm, acceptant accompaniment of apperception which is brought about by concrete and brainy relaxation. For analytic purposes sometimes it is easier and simpler to acquire of analgesic as a specific accompaniment of apperception into which a accountable can acquiesce him or herself to be lead.

But alfresco of the analysis allowance such a analogue is far too limited. Therapists, theorists and psychologists may altercate endlessly over the analogue of analgesic but the definitions they appear up with, about about worded, are accordingly too limited. Brian Vandenberg tentatively authentic analgesic as a "communicative process" in which humans will acquiesce some added alone to apply a amount of access aloft their acquaintance (Vandenberg 1998). Fine - but area does that leave self-hypnosis? Sarbin (1997) admired analgesic as a affectionate of "conversation" amid the astrologer and the subject. But that not alone rules out self-hypnosis, it aswell seems to exclude the accomplished abstract acquaintance of the anesthetic process.

My own appearance is that analgesic is a accompaniment of activity which renders the accountable far added affected to advancement than is the case in a accompaniment of abounding "waking" alertness. What I am alms actuality is not a analogue but a defining characteristic. In a ameliorative ambience I am blessed to acquire that analgesic is a about-face in the superior of activity brought about by relaxation. But alfresco the analysis room, in the big advanced world, there are abounding states in which the accountable is rendered awful affected to advancement and therefore, at atomic in my opinion, should be classified as analgesic or at atomic hypnoidal. Assertive states of intoxication, assertive states of acute emotion, action or frenzy, states of beatitude and, for wish of a bigger term, "spiritual" acquaintance - all these cede the accountable about always added affected to advancement than "normal" rational awareness. Yet studies of suggestibility consistently focus absolutely aloft the closing state. Isn't that like searching through the amiss end of the telescope?

Lest this description be anticipation too vague, let me point out that not all accouterment of activity abroad from the absolutely wakened accompaniment betoken a action of acute suggestibility. Abstruse intoxication, states of near-unconsciousness or states in which the accountable is no best acceptant to alien bang acutely cannot be classed as hypnosis. Suggestibility absolutely implies a admiration to something external. But if we acquire that analgesic is about a accompaniment of acute suggestibility afresh it is maybe not too difficult to acquire aswell that music can abet hypnosis.

Music charcoal a mystery. That it is no best broadly admired as such apparently says added about the abreast accompaniment of the art than annihilation else. There are abounding theories as to how and why music works and none of them are absolutely satisfactory. But while we ability not apperceive how music works, there can be little agnosticism that it can apply the a lot of abstruse access aloft our feelings, affection and even our perceptions.

We all apperceive that music can change the way we feel. We apperceive that music expresses affections and can arm-twist those aforementioned affections in us. A blessed or a sad section of music will not necessarily accomplish us feel blessed or sad - we accept some best in the amount - but it can if we let it. For abounding humans the announcement of activity is the capital action of music. Affect is not absolutely my affair actuality however. But I would be actual absorbed to apprentice whether and to what admeasurement animosity and affections affect our levels of suggestibility. No studies accept been done, as far as I'm aware.

Music aswell works by affiliation - which is why it is basal to advertisers. The tune of an commercial chime anon brings the artefact to apperception - if the advertisers are accomplishing their job properly. These sorts of affiliation are abundantly powerful, and sometimes absolutely infuriating. It annoys me that I can no best apprehend Tschaikovsky's Dance of the Reed Flutes from Nutcracker afterwards audition the articulation of Frank Muir singing "Evwy one's a Fwuit and Nut Case". These sorts of affiliation generally accept little to do with the music itself. A absolutely blessed section may be associated with a actual black adventure or aeon in your activity and it may breach your affection every time you apprehend it.

But music can, I think, sometimes act anon aloft activity itself. Any animosity bidding or evoked or any affiliation the music has accrued over time are accessory to the capital function. I anticipate that this is accurate of some of the ancient music which has appear down to us - I anticipate this is accurate of the organa of Léonin and Pérotin, of abundant of the polyphonic music of the Franco-Flemish school, of abundant of the agency music of Bach, the backward quartets of Beethoven, assertive types of applesauce and accepted music, and abundant else. It is aswell accurate of assertive types of avant-garde / abreast "classical" music. One name in accurate comes to mind.

I encountered the music of Karlheinz Stockhausen by accident. I was a child, lying in bed, alert to a bargain little transistor radio through an earpiece. If I begin Radio 3 I anticipation the radio was arena up or malfunctioning. Afresh I accomplished that a adulterated transistor radio could never aftermath sounds which were this weird. I listened to the end. The section was alleged Plus-Minus. I was absolutely intrigued. Who on apple writes music like that and calls it Plus-Minus? A few years afterwards I was in a almanac shop. This was in the canicule of the vinyl LP. A lot of towns had at atomic one almanac shop. Horsham had added than one. I came beyond a bifold anthology alleged Karlheinz Stockhausen's Greatest Hits. That was my fate sealed. I abide an adherent to this day.

Stockhausen came to England in the aboriginal 1980s and gave a alternation of concerts at the Barbican in London. I went to a brace of them. One of them created an acquaintance which I will never overlook until my dying day and which I still do not understand.

There was just one section in this concert, and no interval. The section was Stimmung. ("Tuning" is the rather bare English translation). It is a plan for 6 singers alone - three male, three female. It is based on a simple ambit of B collapsed and it involves assorted vocalizations to aftermath harmonics, announced poems, "magic" names etc. It is quiet, peaceful and gentle.

As we sat in the auditorium, the six singes entered one by one and sat cross-legged about what looked like a low annular table with a bendable ablaze in the middle. Six microphones were in abode - addition is all-important if the section is to be heard at all. Stockhausen himself was in the audience, sat abaft a console of knobs, buttons and switches, authoritative the sound. The abode lights went down. The achievement started.

Then, afterwards what seemed like 5 or 10 account had elapsed, the abode lights came aback on and the performers stopped. I was alarmed. Something accept to accept gone wrong. I knew Stockhausen's own recording of this piece. The plan lasts at atomic an hour and a quarter. What we had been alert to was acutely a altered adaptation of the plan - but it was still the aforementioned piece. The singers got up, angry to the admirers and bowed. The admirers gradually started to clap. The acclaim gradually got warmer. This was acutely the end of the concert.

What had happened? Was this an abbreviated version? The achievement has started at 7 o clock. I looked at my watch. It was about 8.30.

I hadn't collapsed comatose - or, at least, I was not acquainted of any abeyance in consciousness. I wasn't accidentally tired. I had taken no booze at all. I didn't (and don't) do drugs. I couldn't accept what had happened. But what happened next was appropriately weird.

It wasn't a rush of euphoria. "Rush" is too forceful, too violent. It was as if bliss started to afford through me, starting about in my chest and overextension appropriate through my physique and mind. I wasn't disorientated at all. I acquainted as if I was walking on air but I knew I wasn't. I was altogether apprehensible and able to function. But aggregate I saw, heard, smelled or acquainted abounding me with an acute contentment which I accept never accomplished afore or since. The afterimage of the black sky, the complete of traffic, the colours of people's clothes all abounding me with joy. I couldn't analyse it, I couldn't amount out what was accident and I didn't wish to. The activity declared to appear and go as the night wore on. I had no booze at all that day - I anticipate I had to plan the next day. At bedtime the activity was still advancing and going. The next day - gone. And I've never begin it again.

I still accept no abstraction what happened. Did anyone blooper me a drug? No. Why would they do that anyway? I acquainted no activity of actinic beatitude and no afterwards affects of any kind. Or was it something to do with physique chemistry? At that time I didn't smoke and I drank actual little. I was in my aboriginal '20s. Maybe it was some affectionate of hormonal "rush" or "natural high". But why then? Why did it appear at that accurate concert? I absolutely wasn't assured it. I had heard Stimmung abounding times afore the concert and had never accomplished annihilation like that. Was it some affectionate of airy epiphany or abstruse experience? Well - I don't know, but I tend to be actual sceptical of such "explanations".

I doubtable that the acknowledgment lies about in the plan itself. I accept never apparent a reside achievement of it aback afresh but I've heard it abounding times since. The activity never comes aback - not even a ambiguous hint. But maybe that's because I'm looking for it, absent it to happen, cat-and-mouse for it to occur?

I still don't apperceive the answer. But with every year that passes I become added and added absorbed in the accomplished catechism of music and consciousness. Maybe anytime I will ascertain it...


Sarbin, T. R., (1997) Hypnosis as a Conversation: "Believed-In Imaginings" revisited. Abreast Analgesic vol. 14 no. 4, Whurr Publishers Ltd.

Vandenberg, B. (1998) Hypnosis and Human Development: Interpersonal Access of Intrapersonal Processes, Adolescent Development vol 69 no 1 (Feb 1998).

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