Monday, November 19, 2012

Austin Area Festivals - Music and More

What do music, chili peppers, bamboo, wine, watermelon, ice chrism and Eeyore the donkey from Winnie the Pooh accept in common?

They all accept festivals adherent to them in Austin or adjacent towns. In fact, there are so abounding festivals of all kinds in the Austin breadth that it is difficult to accumulate clue of them. The Austin American-Statesman allegedly gave up aggravating to accumulate calculation aback in 2004, anticipation by a contempo appointment to the festivals page on their accepted website a quick calculation there reveals there were added than 50 festivals in actuality then, and the compilers of the account acclaimed that those were just some of the festivals.

Other festivals accept appeared back then. The first-ever Pachanga Latino Music Festival, for instance, was captivated on May 31st of this year. The additional anniversary Ice Chrism Anniversary will yield abode on August 9.

Of course, anybody knows about the Austin City-limits Limits Music Anniversary and the South by Southwest Conferences and Festivals. Those challenge affection what Austin has become accepted for about the world; abundant reside music. Tens of bags of music lovers army to these challenge to see the international, civic and bounded acts that they showcase. These challenge accompany in huge amounts of money to the Austin economy. In fact, SXSW is Austin's accomplished exploited accessible event, as appear by Wikipedia.

There are abounding added music festivals in the Austin breadth as well. The Old Settler's Reunion in adjacent Driftwood, Texas attracts some of the arch civic bluegrass and Americana acts, as able-bodied as abounding of the best bounded Texas music groups and songwriters. This anniversary happens every April and attracts bags of music admirers to the admirable area at the Salt Lick Pavilion and Camp Ben McCulloch.

The Reggae Festival, aswell in April, and the Austin Celtic Anniversary in November are just two added of the challenge captivated in Austin that affection music as their capital raison d'etre. Of course, abounding added festivals cover music in their programs as well. Some of these cover Viva Cinco de Mayo in backward April/early May, the Austin Fine Arts Festival, at the alpha of April, and the Old Pecan Street Fall Arts Anniversary in backward September.

This closing accident began added than 30 years ago to accommodate ancestors friendly, chargeless acceptance area to aggregate arts and crafts from bounded and civic artists and artisans, acquaintance reside music, amphitheater plays, comedy, magic, poetry, film, parades, and yield allotment of a continued continuing Austin tradition. Added than 300,000 humans appear this accident every year, and anniversary promoters appraisal it generates added than $43 actor for the bounded economy.

Another long-standing, grass-roots anniversary is Eeyore's Altogether Affair which occurs every year in backward April at Pease Park. According to Austin American-Statesman biographer Anita Powell. The affair has developed appreciably back its birth in 1963 by a accumulation of University of Texas students. The able anniversary usually appearance Maypole dancing, apparel contests, a hippie queen pageant, food, altogether block and ball by bounded bands. This festival, conceivably added than any other, reflects the spirit that Austin is acclaimed (or infamous) for and that aggressive the actionable byword for the city: "keep Austin weird".

What about bamboo, wine, watermelon and chili peppers? The Bamboo Anniversary is presented at Zilker Botanical Gardens in backward August every year and appearance "all things bamboo". There are at atomic two important wine festivals in the area: the Texas Hill Country Wine and Aliment Anniversary in aboriginal April and the Austin Wine Anniversary in backward May. The Chili Pepper Fiesta is captivated in the boondocks of Elgin, just east of Austin, on the additional Saturday in September. The Luling Watermelon Thump in June garners civic absorption every year with its watermelon berry spitting contest.

All these festivals reflect what the city-limits of Austin has been about through a lot of of its history. It fosters and encourages creativity, diversity, abandon of announcement and the anniversary of the harder plan and action of its citizens.

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