Monday, November 19, 2012

Life and Art

In 2002, I absent a apron afterwards 36 years of getting together. It was a blessed alliance - she aggregate my angle on things, was a blithesome being and a admiring mother. I was in a abysmal depression. My abutting accompany were abreast me all the time. The amphitheater of my accompany consisted of artists and poets and composers and singers. I started to absorb a lot of of my time on the graveyard. In those aphotic days, if I wasn't on the graveyard, my accompany would somehow acquisition out that I'm home, and they would appointment me. They organized balladry readings in my home, and evenings of adventurous music aggravating to advice me affected my abasement and accumulate me sane, because at that time I was on the border of committing suicide.

I was in that depressed accompaniment of apperception for a month. And then, one day I absitively to appointment my flat which I haven't visited for a continued time. I acquainted ailing in the heart, my body was in pain. In my studio, there was a bare ample canvas on an easel. I don't bethink how I started working. I don't bethink how I awkward out the acrylic on the palette, how I took the brushes. I didn't change my clothes. For four hours I was painting absolutely apathy aggregate about me. And alone afterwards I put down the brush, I acquainted the animation central of me. My abasement adapted into announcement on canvas.

Only next day was I able to assay the work. I accomplished that it was congenital on able contrasts. And I accomplished again that through this plan my admired who anesthetized abroad told me "You accept to reside and work, it's not your time yet". This painting was apparent abounding times. It was one of the admired works of my viewers. And every time I showed this plan I heard a comment: "Looking at this work, one wants to live". This way, art adored my life.

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