Monday, November 19, 2012

One Time, Big Time - The Music and Lyrics of One-Hit Wonders

Of course, any artist would wish a continued and abiding career in the music industry. This is, afterwards all, a actual assisting and actual accomplishing occupation, and it can accessible doors to a amount of opportunities above music. But there are times if this isn't meant to be. A amount of artists accept approved to access the music business and accept partially succeeded. But what happens if their antecedent attack succeeds, yet their afterwards efforts fail? They become the sad entities we apperceive as one-hit wonders.

The analogue of a one-hit admiration can be somewhat loose, although it is accustomed that anyone with just one hit of a song is advised as such. However, not all one-hit wonders can be authentic in this category. For instance, carefully speaking, Jimi Hendrix is a one-hot admiration back he alone managed to get one hit in his advanced ambit of released. Yet it is actual that his absolute physique of plan is aswell well-known, although not necessarily big hits. But there are artists who cannot accomplish that. Here are some of the added acclaimed one-hit wonders, and the music and lyrics that gave them their one attempt at success.

"Macarena," by Los del Rio

What could be a bigger one-hit admiration than "Macarena," that communicable Latin ball song that baffled not just American but the accomplished world? At one point, Billboard even accustomed it as the fifth song in their All Time Top 100 list, and it apparently charcoal in that account until now. The accomplishment of this song is appropriate because of its lyrics: the lyrics of Macarena are absolutely in Spanish-and it became a amount one in non-Spanish speaking countries. Of course, no one listens (or dances) to the "Macarena" because of its lyrics, but it does accomplish one admiration how something with incomprehensible lyrics (at atomic in a lot of locations of the world, area Spanish isn't spoken) top the archive about the world.

"Take On Me," by a-ha

"Take On Me" was accepted during the 1908s, and it even accomplished the top one atom of the Billboard charts. Its music video is even advised as avant-garde during the time of its release. The lyrics of the song (sample lyrics: "So causeless to say / I'm allowance and ends / But that's me barrier abroad / Slowly acquirements that activity is OK") weren't horrible, just artlessly archetypal of songs created during that time. Yet a-ha never managed to chase their antecedent success, relegating "Take On Me" in a one-hit admiration status.

"Kung Fu Fighting,' by Carl Douglas

Another communicable song with funny lyrics (sample: "They were blue China men from blue Chinatown / They were chopping them up and they were chopping them down / It's an age-old Chineese art and everybody knew their allotment / From a artifice into a slip, and blame from the hip'), "Kung Fu Fighting" charcoal to be accustomed until today. In fact, acknowledgment to its addictive pop hooks and lyrics, 'Kung Fu Fighting" has been acclimated in movies such as Epic Movie, Rush Hour 3, and Kung Fu Panda, a part of a account of 90s movies.

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